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A Spark of Insight for Life’s Transitions

Coaching for the Soulful Life of Professionals

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Your great work deserves to be supported.  What you bring to the world – your voice, your work is bread for thousands.

Sage Explorer’s Services


Take back control. Take the first step on the road to a more centered you.


Find out how our process speaks to your inner SAGE and your inner EXPLORER.


Find out about the full range of services Sage Explorer has on offer.

“Today you woke up and decided, today is the day!”

Sage Explorer coaching encompasses a Holistic and Strategic approach, based on the premise:

  • our emotions are important keys to align our purpose, desire and  values
  • wisdom comes from integrating our emotions with our expanded thinking
  • integrating ‘inspired’ action and being aware of energy leaks
  • provides your personal living playbook 

With this support and actionable tools you implement, you can take your power back and guide yourself well through this change, this transition period. 

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