‘Life Transitions have emotional and lifestyle gravitas – more then managing life’s changes – you feel it in your bones’

What To Expect When Facing Life’s Transitions:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed, Exhausted, an Emotional Tornado (looks like Frozen and Stuck from the outside) 
  • Loss of interest in your Passion Projects, losing sight of what you truly want
  • Facing circumstances out-of-the-ordinary you need to pull up your Resources
  • Uncertainty replace emotions of determination, contentment and connection
  • Not acting in a Congruent manner – your actions and thoughts may be out of line with your beliefs and desires
  • Pushed by external changes (career, relations, financial changes, relocation, well-being and lifestyle changes) 
  • Or the Transition stems from within.  A yearning pointing you towards something new, something outside of your comfort zone



And Into your life again!
It’s imperative that you face the transitions ‘attention deficit’ by re-focusing on you
Adapt to new levels of being comfortable with the uncomfortableness
Seek to understand blocks that remain elusive to you
Honor how you want to express and experience this life transition, and new desires (this may be different then your tribe)
Explore simple practices that resonate with you – to lessen the discomfort of ‘being stuck’ and stressed that comes from ‘trying everything’
Explore the Life’s Transitions concepts that include expectations and beliefs (each of us has our own cacophony of concepts that when uncovered make a huge difference in thriving and re-gaining strength through transitions)
Bring relief to exhaustion
Be willing – It’s time to bring some oxygen to this issue
And Dare To Dream Again!


“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

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