“Purpose Driven Professionals, Creators, and Soulful Folks”


The price of caring. The price of change. Getting comfortable with the appropriate discomfort – the discomfort of navigating the persistent blocks, going for the way you want to express and experience the world versus the discomfort of the feelings of stuck and stressed that comes from ‘trying everything.’

If you didn’t care, about your ‘work,’ about conflicted relationships, about being ‘stopped’ from the change you seek – you would just let things ride.

But you are the person who want more for yourself, have higher expectations and somewhere in there, before feeling dampened down – you believe in yourself and your ability to move forward.

Let’s bring relief to exhaustion from fighting yourself

From being stymied by blocks that remain elusive to you

There are creative and time-tested tools that allow you to take a new look at the patterns and e-motions holding you back.

It’s time to bring some oxygen to this issue and re-engage.

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

Let your Vision be the juice to propel you forward.

“You have to be truthful with yourself, in order to make this work, there are no wrong answers.” Dr. Peter Diamandis, engineer, doctor, innovator


You’ve given it some thought, and realize the habits, thoughts and e-motions are not congruent – not matching your desires, the work you want, the core feelings you want more of.  To get back in alignment with yourself.

The Themes You’re Facing:

  • Overwhelmed or Underwhelmed
  •          how to be GRACE UNDER FIRE  
  • Propel your  PASSION PROJECTS
  •         taking the time to reconnect with what brings you joy
  • Explore how you RESOURCE YOURSELF
  •          align with your skills and gifts – what helps you grow and flourish
  • Desire to be more SELF-EXPRESSED
  •           create the Right Conditions for personal transformation… one person implements changes influences countless others 

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