What to Expect:

To start we have a free consult telephone call together to discover what it is you are looking to achieve.  This work includes exploring your personal philosophy, mindset & purposeful work.  This is not therapy and not a substitute for therapy.
The coaching calls take place by telephone (in the U.S.), Skype or Zoom sessions.  Please ask about in-person.
Once we are in agreement, you will receive a Welcome Packet. Just reviewing and answering these questions can shift your focus, from feeling frazzled to curious, from stuck to more engaged.


This is not a cookie-cutter platform, the work is customized to you.
Assessments may be part of the Coaching Package:
For example:
  1. Strengths assessments.
  2. Emotional intelligence assessments which provide a visual map, a picture of your perceptions, coping and decision-making style, a beneficial step to finding your blind spots.
You do not have to be afraid of closing the computer and leaving the information behind, with the Personal Coaching Support
Clarity is Power!
Give yourself a unique opportunity to ‘live’ in your life, to revise those inner conflicts, in the manner and vision you hold for yourself.
Look forward to connecting with you! Call or email me if you are interested, so we can make sure this is a great fit for you.
To schedule the complimentary consult call you can email, telephone (973-577-6921) or use the form on the contact page




Check the Events Page for public talks and workshops. Free free to connect with me ( regarding arranging a talk, workshop, or services for your group.

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The 4-Week Transform Your Money Story is available as a personal coaching program, as well as a workshop.  Connect with me for further information.


Download The Complimentary Kit (e-book + mp3) via the sign-up box located on the top of the page.

  • Instead of feeling stuck, burdened and overwhelmed you can approach change with candor, creativity and insight.
  • Check out the Mindful Approachpage 11.
  • And for those who want something you can implement now… see Fast Track Action on page 15.