This is a unique opportunity to focus time and attention on you.

The SageExplorer process is Mindful and Strategic.

Practices customized to you, your experience may include:

  • experience mindfulness in action, how it is an innate natural part of your tool kit that can be refined and readily accessed
  • gain clarity on your current phase of transition
  • when ready, create a sense of personal adventure, of growth and expansion to ease the transition
  • clarify what resources you vs. drains your energy (antidotes to burn-out and indecision)
  • brainstorm potential challenges
  • start to create what you want to find
  • manage the unknown and unfamiliar with courage and compassion (antidote to blindspots and stuckness)
  • appreciative dialogue, exploration writing and tracking, and exercises (practical, simple, not to over complicate your life)
  • support for the ups and downs of creating change

It’s the search for the sweet spot.

Time to put your heart and soul and energy to go through it and go for it.

There is a lot of information out there and available.  If you’ve tried on-line programs, only to close the computer leaving the progress behind.  You’ve read and studied but are not seeing the change you want to make.  You may be ready to make a commitment to yourself with private coaching.




For when your back is up against the wall.

Takes tenacity and courage.

You need more broad thinking, mental stamina, emotional clarity, downtime (quiet time) and support when life is frazzled.

Creating  the work that is truly aligned with you.

Mindful and Strategic practices help to ride the mood waves and progress forward.

Customize the work through the three phases of the transition period (The End, Limbo, and New Beginnings) to meet your needs.

When it’s time to get out of the struggle.




Critical Incidence, Disruptive Events

Resilience, Stress Management

These words take on a new meaning when a crisis hits. Confidence, Triggers, Stability are all factors in regaining your footing and getting back to work.

I will customize the work through the three phases of the transition period (The End, Limbo, and New Beginnings) to meet your needs.

Experience always counts, but none more then managing a Crisis time.


To start:  schedule a brief consult call (complimentary) to see if this process is right for your needs.

To schedule the consult call: telephone (973-994-1460), email:, or use the form on the Contact Page requesting a consult call.

All sessions are via telephone (in the U.S.), Skype or Zoom sessions.  Please ask about in-person.

Look forward to connecting with you.

This is not therapy and not a substitute for therapy.



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The 4-Week Transform Your Money Story is available as a personal coaching program, as well as a workshop.  Connect with me for further information.


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  • Instead of feeling stuck, burdened and overwhelmed you can approach change with candor, creativity and insight.
  • Check out the Mindful Approachpage 11.
  • And for those who want something you can implement now… see Fast Track Action on page 15.