Over the years I have seen how people can make the most of a transition period, when they feel supported, and adhere to the ways, new and old that help them create the most significant change.

Understanding and finding simple tools that resonate with you to soothe and renew in the initial phases of transitions. Listening to your intuition (gut sense) as well as examining thinking traps and beliefs, and reconnecting with the desires and ways of life that are so clearly, well, you, so you can create the space needed to envision with more thoughtfulness what you want, and who you want to be – that leads to expansion and aliveness.

Transition coaching is learning how to re-calibrate with principles and approaches to move into the new.

And yes, Distinctions matter! Many people, your friends, family and colleagues, the culture – can all say the same words but the words will mean and be actioned differently for each.

This Coaching Process is for those ready to understand their personal distinctions, to gain soulful & strategic support during a personal or professional transition time. And every transition time has a personal component, otherwise it would be a simple change.




Transitions come in many forms: looking for a new career after 50, having someone special move away, your relocation, relation changes, lifestyle and financial changes, it is any change that has great meaning for you and impact on you. It may be a personal desire by inspired professionals, creators, & creatives,  health workers and folks searching to bring their passionate work into the world. or not aligned with your right work.  It’s for those whose passion is more than a means to an end. This work is not a substitute for therapy.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”  – Rumi

For Soulful & Creative Professionals, folks who are bucking at the ‘boxed in feeling’ and wanting to explore, Health Care Ninja's, Holistic Warriors, Human Resource Buddha’s, and those stepping up to the threshold of change.

A Strategic & Mindful approach based on the premise:

→    How understanding what to expect through the different phases of transition can help manage stress and help you prepare
→    Gaining more clarity and additional support as you move through change, going for what you truly desire
→    How to go from overwhelmed and disoriented, to using that time as an incubator for your next step
→    Gaining resilience and finally priming yourself to reclaim or claim your identity and joyfully create movement

→   The Coaching is grounding, infusing you with possibilities!     


         'The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of Uncertainty you can comfortably live with.'   Tony Robbins

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“Stop Strategizing & Start Listening.  Listen to your deepest desires, they are the whisper of life's wishes for you.”   Claire Zammit