Over the years I see how most everyone interested in creating change for themselves, can benefit from listening to their intuition (heartfelt spirit) as well as examining erroneous thinking traps and beliefs, staying in a truthful uplifting state, and learning how to re-calibrate with mindful awareness approaches.

We can all say the same words but the words will mean and be actioned differently for each of us.

This Coaching Process is for inspired professionals, creators, & creatives, healers and soulful workers who are passionate about what you bring into the world and are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or not aligned with your right work.  It’s for those whose passion is more than a means to an end. This work is not a substitute for therapy.



“All roads lead to Rome,” but they do not have to be driven all on the same day, with one foot on the gas the other pumping the brake!


Let’s not create more overwhelm.”

Let’s explore & climb past uncharted territory.

For Soulful & Creative Professionals, folks who are bucking at the ‘boxed in feeling’ and wanting to explore, Health Care Ninja’s, Holistic Warriors, Human Resource Buddha’s, and those stepping up to the threshold of change.

A Mindfulness & Strategic approach based on the premise:

→    Learn how to distill which ideas & notions represent your intuition talking
→    Which blocks and patterns do you see as self-sabotaging
→    Re-calibrate with mindful awareness approaches
→    Use journaling, tracking and thoughtful creative prompts designed for you to gain insight and create movement

→   The Coaching is grounded and supportive

→    Let this infuse you with possibilities!     

                  “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of Uncertainty you can comfortably live with .”   Tony Robbins

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“Stop Strategizing & Start Listening.  Listen to your deepest desires, they are the whisper of life’s wishes for you.”   Claire Zammit