Mindfull Days – Complimentary – Free To Roam On The Telephone! 

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join in complimentary Mindfull Breaks.   You’ll receive resources, philosophy, and coaching strategies – uplifting, tools and processes for increasing resilience & motivation, pursuing dreams, minding the mood, & uplifting communication.

I look forward to connecting with you!

  • Various podcasts will be recorded and added to this page
  • They will be emailed out upon request, or if you signed up for emails/newsletters
  • Special shows where you can call in and ask free coaching questions will be announced



Beth Tunis Resilience, Strengths, & Breathing Meditation for Stress Release       (Note: It takes about 45 sec’s for audio to start.)



Beth Tunis AWorkingLifeCoach Neuroscience & Adversity Resilience Project      (Neuroscience on Stress + Resilience Practice, “I Have, I Am, I Can” )



Getting What You Desire Thru Compassion & Boundaries  (Most people have heard, “change your thoughts, change your life” but what does this really mean, and in practical terms, how can you do this? Learn the 2 factors that influence self-compassion and how to understand boundaries via “letting in.”)



From Spouse To Sales: 6 Key Motivators To Better Understand Anyone.  (Full written copy can be found on blog of same name.)



NEW –  Brilliance and Burdened!

  • Join in for 15 minutes, Monday, March 13th, 2017.  12pm-12:15pm est.
  • An uplifting call on setting your course with passion and purpose.  And enjoy a brief guided visualization.
  • Call 641-715-0861, and access code 364044#.

If you’re on the email list you’ll get a notice about upcoming free podcasts, etc and I can email you a link if you like.

Beth Tunis, Mindful Coaching Intro

Quick intro from Beth Tunis, introducing the science based (psych) and holistic based (mindful) tools that help you navigate times of overwhelm, kick up motivation, to pursue change that really satisfies you and shows results. Check out this...

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