The Art of Changing One’s Mind

A workinglife coach

Sustainability and return on your investment may not be the words you associate with a mindfull approach.  Why not I ask?

Why compartementalize our life to the degree we separate out our natural knowledge and ability.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, stuck, angry, instead of feeling jazzed about your leadership abilities (we are all leaders, most frequently of ourselves.)

Our mind set is our tour guide for our day.  while our actions are observable (think of the visible part of an iceberg) – the hidden part of the iceberg holds the force of nature and scaffolding.  by understanding, tapping into and then influencing these (important but not visible life) levels  – you will increase your personal power, esteem yourself, increase your decision making ability, learn how to remain calm while active, and to get active when overwhelmed and frozen, a (w)holistic approach.

Mindfull coaching optimizes your strengths while strategizing personal obstacles.  I provide a structure based on scientific knowledge without forgetting you.  intelligently directed, personalized.

Changing The Career and Work Environment, One Powerful, Revitalized Individual At A Time!

Have you had a lot of challenges this year, and facing some new ones? Finding your career in transition, by design or otherwise?  Working in an environment that is toxic, or feeling like the lightening rod?  We are all being required to step into our own true power, and to change the cycle of habits that ultimately do not serve us.

Release the weight of stress, put in place appropriate boundaries, regain your center and feel you are making healthy decisions while speaking your mind and honoring your feelings.  

Leadership can be mindful, and intuitive and powerful and successful, its not either/ or, it’s And!


Making a healthy impact, in the manner that is true to you:

  • Personnelity   The dynamics of listening, communicating, values and self-responsibility.  Systems psychology is part of this work.

  • Resilience.   Bounce-Back.  Stress-Management. More than Willpower.  Positive Psychology and Mindful Awareness is part of this work.  

  • Observation.  Optimizing this  alone can change your world!  Science, innovation, all stem from this ability.  Awareness predates action.  This is one of the keys to begin to move and change,  invention and creativity!

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