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Are you part of WeWork!
Join us at WeWork Soho (NYC) for Tech-Free Day on Thursday, March 16th!

If you’ve been working on growing your business you realize what a test of personal self-development you face.

It tests your resiliency and creativity.  Come get tips on creating the personal platform that is right for you.  And sample a guided mindfulness experience.

WeWork members, come join me on Thursday, March 16th.   2 Sessions either 3:00pm or 3:30pm.  Connect with your SOHO WeWork, NYC office to sign-up.   So looking forward to it!

So excited to participate in the Awaken Wellness Fair in Tarrytown, NY on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

A body-mind-spirit-holistic expo with ancient practices AND current technologies.

I’m speaking at 2:45pm!

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special info Title:  Brilliance or Burdened

Having a calling, a desire is not enough.  As you move forward toward your wishes, you are faced with your own barriers – both inner and outer.  In this workshop, we’ll unpack the barriers and discuss ways to move forward for vitality and growth.

To decode your ‘shenpa’ stuck points.

And, we’ll experience a full-sensory visualization experience.

This is a true sage – explorer approach, including strategic information and mindful approaches.

Check out the podcasts page.  New call-in podcasts and posted mp3’s are added for you to listen or download.