“Moving through transitions takes grace and support, using discernment to move what’s unnecessary out of the way…. This transition doesn’t define you, you get to determine its imprint upon you and where you go from here.” 


“The real art of conducting consists in transitions. ”  Gustav Mahler 


I’ve taken leaps which seem to manifest on the day I decided, this is it, no more, and moved forward.  Though the outcome was so uncertain, my drive and desire was so high, and I found pride and success in the goals I accomplished. I also know the transition phrase, “when one door closes, another one opens, but the hallways can be the pits!”

I’ve been a caregiver, and like you, have known loss and attainment. I say we are pushed by pain and pulled by desire, letting joy lead the way is more pleasant but both serve a purpose.  And part of the fabric of our humanity.

It is through these experiences, I’ve come to rely on and see how valuable it is to become mindful of our personal resources.  Personal Leadership, staying connected to your wise inner guide and congruent with the strategies you develop. It is a left brain, right brain, holistic approach that serves us fully.

Lets work on simplifying and finding more ways to live with ease and on purpose.

There are many people involved to help craft a career, and I want to express thanks and give gratitude to my village that I have learned from and with!




“Creatively see yourself past obstacles with new insight and vigor, allowing for new possibilities!”  Beth Tunis, MA

Over time I allowed myself to pursue additional education that was outside of my traditional environment.  And I loved it.  I studied psychology and explored meditation and holistic philosophy.

I was stepping into uncharted waters, for me.  And it felt great. Today the common vernacular is “aligning with one’s passion and purpose.”  I just knew intuitively it was right!


I've been fortunate enough to gain education and experiences in a variety of disciplines exposing me to all sorts of situations, synchronicity and hurdles to jump.  After graduating from the University and working in entertainment and Human Resources, I felt a nudge wanting to work more sincerely with folks. In a business capacity, I saw firsthand when you were in the role or situation that resonated with you versus the pain when you try to fit your square peg in to a round hole.

For myself, going back to school years after initially graduating, allowed myself to purposefully step into this transition period to enter a ‘learning’ period, a time of unknowns.

I choose a wonderful, experiential graduate school program to study Systems Psychology and became a Licensed Psychotherapist. I continued to dive into uncharted waters, at least for me, and I loved it. Feeding my spirit and my analytical mind. I meditated with my eyes pointed up and closed, and pointed down and slightly open, and many experiences in-between.

Today I am passionate about helping others recognize and align with their path. To feel well and do well, simply put.

With mission in hand, to work with spirited professionals and those in the midst of a life transition, mining the gold from your thoughts, emotions and inner resources.  I am excited to facilitate the SageExplorer approach, Strategic and Mindful coaching and courses.

Brief description of some of the experiences that shaped my life’s work:

  • UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles ISAP) Coach / Mentor
  • Former PHR (Professional in Human Resources) working with Fortune 500 corporations
  • Counselor training
  • Resilience, Stress Mgmt  & Mindfulness Workshops
  • EQI (MHS – Emotional Intelligence Assessment, strength assessments, etc.)
  • Coach Certified: Robbins-Madanes Coach Certification
  • Coach Certified: Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching
  • Mindful Awareness & Meditation Training – Meditation Certification


Want to learn more?

You can schedule an exploration call, by leaving me a message at 973-994-1460, by email info@sageexplorer.com, or through the form on the contact page.


– I can say I have the great pleasure of meeting wonderful people who allowed me into their lives, and together we championed change.

Member of:

ICF International Coach Federation

Appeared in and Quoted by:

Insight Magazine (Finance Magazine, Chicago) coming June/July 2014

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