Trust vs Mistrust is the first stage recognized by Erik Erikson in our psychosocial development.

Erikson determined we pass through this stage between birth and approximately first year of life, gaining trust or not, from experiences of being taken care of.   Trust is part of our early experience, and is carried forward throughout our life.

As adults,  our beliefs around trust may be hidden from sight but adhere to our bones like cellular matter. It may be hidden from our sight but visible through our behaviors.

With conscious exploration we uncover these beliefs and make any adjustments tweaking our sense of trust in the world around us. 

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. “ Golda Meir

Working from a base of trust or mistrust impacts our relationships


working from a base of trust or mistrust impacts our relationship with ourselves 

thus effecting levels of anxiety and coping/resilience abilities

trust is connected to our sense of : HOPE

our sense of trust is an ATTITUDE toward ourselves and the world

and Hope gives us the sense of being Alive





3 Coaching Philosophies:

1. Trust impacts hope, hope impacts your road to desires and goals.  We break trust to ourselves when we break promises to ourselves.

For example, you may have a friend who always cancels, they just never do what they say their going to do. And so you lose trust in their word. That friend is you if you keep breaking the promises you set for yourself.

2. Don’t listen to what mistrust tells you to do –don’t take action on what mistrust tells you.  Instead take action by listening to your inner voice of trust and hope.

3. Explore words that ground you. What does trust mean to you, which words resonate with you? For example: confidence, certainty, expectation,  reliance, credence, presence,  assurance, faith, groundness, consistency, etc?
It is crucial to discover what brings you personal stability (trust) in your life. Check with your body.. how your body feels and select the word or phrase that provides mindset strength.


“Trust and Hope bleeds into the ethers, you become a spark for positive emotions, a contagious powerful force … you and your work becomes bread for thousands”    Beth