If  you’re curious to start a practice for Mental Clarity incorporating a mind cleanse + tools to capture creative impulses, here are 3 broad-brush techniques…


Journaling has been touted for supporting wellness (i.e. Duke University and Harvard) and for creativity and business clarity (i.e. the work of Eric Maisel and Jim Rohn.)  It’s easy, accessible and portable.   I always keep a notebook in my purse and car, and have some beautiful journals at home.   Of course, technology makes it easy.  I tend to use my phone to record something real quick so it doesn’t disappear into the great cloud of ‘what was I thinking.’   And, I keep an inspiration folder on my laptop for the same purpose.  For free-spirited creativity I prefer paper and colorful pens and pics.

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Julia Cameron was one of my early inspirations along with the Progoff Intensive Journal Method.   In different ways they provide tools for self-reflection and discovery.  Where Progoff offered a system to peel back the layers and really tap into intuitive sub-conscious wisdom, Julia showed me how to reclaim my passion and creativity with her series, “The Artists Way.”


Piggybacking off of my early discoveries, here are 3 Mental Clearing processes to help set the stage for the day and provide Intuitive Direction!                                                 


  1. Venting Page – dump the drama and trauma here… write down the nagging thoughts that you allow to take up too much space in your head … the noise that interrupts a good flow for the day, that keeps you in procrastination with ‘yeah,buts’ and excessive worry…… the excessive worry which becomes a day lost  … dump it, dump it, dump it …. underneath you may find ramblings that contain answers in them but the answers will not be noticed if not captured and re-read on the page.   Now that you have RELEASED …
  2. Gratitude Page –  you’ve probably heard lots of buzz about this, here are some new ideas.  Write a note of gratitude to yourself, as if you are the kind parent or mentor offering encouragement to you.  Here is a sample statement: “I appreciate the choices you have made and the courage, self-determination and strength required.”  ….or create a poem, …….or a list of 3 inspirational words or short phrases that provide positive direction i.e. #loving freedom, #inspired joy, #living in abundance …… all are wonderful ways to give a lift to your mood and increase self-compassion, naturally…… Next you’ll let any ideas that pop up flow to the page, it’s time for INVENTIVENESS…
  3. Miraculous Page  – you are free and clear to let it rip, the nuggets & kernels can come through you and pour onto the page …… or sit without pressure in the quiet time …. don’t over think it……  it doesn’t have to be forced.  I’d strongly encourage you to  stay the course.   Write whatever comes to mind, without self-editing.  Loosen your grip around ambition. Write even if you feel like there is nothing to say…. The idea behind this process is to allow the logic functioning of our cerebral cortex to chill and to allow the various connections that make up our creative focus take shape….. Breathe into your core desired feelings… Give SPACE to let your deepest desires and spiritual wisdom influence you, guide you, and direct you!


Can’t write, stop take a breath and get quiet.  VISUALIZE. Think of people who have your back and make you smile… vision yourself in a place real or imagined where you can feel peaceful and invigorated… deeply listen … and then just write a word or phrase or post a pic that represents this experience… Now you have activated your inner Sage and Explorer, calming and serene, and vibrant and connected.

Play with this and make it your own.