I was in conversation with a friend exploring the topic of ‘energy’ in a very practical and pure sense, trying to make

sense of it in a way that can be used on a daily basis – particularly during the routine pressures of the everyday work world.  So what better way to broach the subject of energy in a conversation where folks have such divergent interests but to talk about a family gathering!

What if you walked into a room where your family was gathering, everyone’s back was turned to you so you could not read lips, see expressions, or hear voices, yet you knew…. you knew there was a problem, you could sense it in the air. With a snort my friend just laughed and said, “well that would be a family gathering.”

I had to laugh.

Ok, I believe I’m energy sensitive and you are talking to the choir if you want to discuss psychological and holistic concepts.  But I too like to have a practical understanding of how things work, even with the understanding of that that defies logic as I know it.   For me trying to satisfy my left brain/right brain interests, the mindbody connection are the spokes on the wheel, the tethers that are as important as any education. Finding a way to share information in atypical environments is a welcome challenge.

The ‘Mind’ then is a key component!  I’m using ‘mind’  to discuss the mindbody, the wholistic view on how we digest and understand information – how we know what we know and how we affect others in obvious and less obvious ways.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Science is telling us that everything moves, vibrates… in the 60’s when folks were talking about ‘their vibes’ they were onto something.  Somehow magically to me, the radio works, as does the telephone and the TV – all corresponding to specific vibes.

The other day I read that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will be using Telepathy sooner than later.

What was once an outlier concept by psychologist Carl Jung describing the ‘collective unconscious’  is a more commonplace thought that asks us to pay attention to what is around us, and how we contribute to it, or how we presence ourselves. The idea of boundaries will take on a whole new meaning then, I’m still of the generation that wants to keep some private private… but I digress.

2. I look at my energy as a compilation influenced by my thoughts, emotions and actions.

Internally the emotions are hobnobbing around, traipsing thru the corpus collosum which ‘moves energy between the right and left hemisphere of the brain’, up and down my nervous system connecting my ‘brain’ to the rest of my ‘body.’

It’s a beautiful, marvelous orchestra.

In practical terms, I look at some of the tools that enable me to quite quickly explore the synergy between an event, my beliefs, feelings and behavior knowing that this can be ‘read’ by others even without my verbal conversation.

I even had an experience of this the other day, when working with colleagues on a difficult process which we were communicating through emails and such – – I’m aware that ‘after some processing time’ of the annoyed feelings I was filled with – my mood shifted though I did not think my typed words changed, yet my colleagues approach changed in return.

Science is bringing to light what early keen observers spoke of often, and I just love this mix of psych and soul.  I love seeing how mindfulness is bridging the gap and being brought into the education system and little by little the business environment – honoring our ‘beautiful mind’ and broader capabilities.


What environments do you see becoming more ‘mind’ healthy?  What techniques do you use to ‘bring life to this subject?’


If you have a chance to read Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, “A Stroke of Insight” a scientist’s view of healing her mindbody after a stroke, quite remarkable she is!

Here is a clip from her discussion on Oprah, you can see a full talk on Ted Talks.