I have found two interesting posts recently, one posted on Wisdom 2.0’s Facebook page about The Instagram Generation and another, a Ted Talk from Dr. Daniel Kahneman, both of which I respect and enjoy, immensely.

Though I’ve searched the Internet (for a least a few minutes 🙂 I cannot locate D. Kahneman’s original words on living for the future in the time of Instagram.  It is an interesting question, are we enjoying ourselves in the present just so we can talk about it or share it later, or is it an extension of pleasure and happiness?

Navel gazing, as we use to affectionately call it, is a professional pursuit of mine – and yet I sometimes wonder if we spend too much focus on focusing and not enough on ‘truly’ living and working with personal intention and integrity that is meaningful for us.

All of the newest technology tools (and this will keep growing to places I cannot even imagine but someone else sure can) may take our attention for awhile, but maybe it is just an extension of those old black ‘n white shaky soundless home movies we use to like to watch and laugh – old friends and relatives waving and smiling and ‘acting for the movie camera.’

Rural Road from a Car


Maybe it depends on where our focus is as we travel down the road…. who is designing our path…. I found Shots of Awe’s video (The Instagram Generation) and another video by Daniel Kahneman’s – a  Ted Talk called “The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory” you can find on Youtube.   [A channel I’m spending way too  much time on, but that is another subject.]   The attached video is engaging and the latter is thicker with material but I find his research and insights very compelling.

The Instagram Generation video is a burst of energy, and I do dig the concept of authoring one’s own life!  The debate …  are people creating just so they can post their life, vs. living one’s life, I’m sure is going to grow into some new profession.

My take-away from Kahneman’s Ted Talk, is that trying to pinpoint happiness is like pinpointing the word ‘love.’ Both are big words with different meanings, at different times, in different relationships for different people.  Allowing ourselves to really be in the moment, appreciate the spectrum of happiness at any given time without coloring over it in later memories, may be the way to live happy.

With that said, enjoying a great meal in Italy was wonderful, and each time I reflect back on that meal and those memories I have a wonderful experience (minus the calories) all over again.  One other take-away Kahneman’s research showed, is the important on how an event ends  – this can inform our opinion of the whole event.   i.e. have a great ‘end’ of the vacation, make sure the ‘end’ of your work presentation is impactful, ‘end’ the conversation with the taste you want to leave with the recipient, etc.  (maybe I should have ended with the great meal in Italy?)