“It’s sort of a mental attitude about critical thinking and curiosity.  It’s about mindset of looking at the world in a playful and curious and creative way.”   Adam Savage


Ojai SunsetOverTheMountains

Sometimes I feel like there are a wealth of ideas just waiting at the brim to bubble Whenup, and other times I feel like taking a nap.

Here is a simple (but not simplistic four-part process I have used as journal prompts for brainstorming and creativity sessions.)

When an idea is right at “the tip of the tongue”  this writing technique gives a little jolt to what is laying just outside of your memory zone – a way to unfold hidden ideas and knowledge that lays simmering in your subconscious.

These ‘intuitive markers ‘  intuitive hits,  can be energized through this exercise – working your right and left brain at the same time.

Thank you to the Creative Thought pamphlet I discovered years ago that introduced me to this particular exercise.

Journaling Brain Exercise:


1. Investigate – Time to look at current patterns.  What patterns?  Start with thoughts and habits.  Write a list of the times people say to you,  “you always say that,”  or, “you sound like a broken-record.”  Become pattern aware, what theme is repeating in different parts of your life.

2. Decide – Look for energy depleting and energy advancing thoughts.  Decide what is the top 1-2 energy advancing thoughts that help propel you forward.  Work with that.  (This is part of the techniques behind the whole follow your Strengths movement.)

3. Replace – To see an obstacle differently, we need a new perception.  What can you do that will provide you with a new perspective?

4. Prioritize – To prevent overwhelm, best not to multi-task on this one.  Pick 1 that if you do it differently, can make a marked change in your life.  Try it for 4 weeks and see.

I look forward to hearing from you, to learn new ideas on how you implemented these steps or your own visioning process.