Have you heard the saying, “when one door closes, another one opens.” 

buy Clomiphene online ireland Did you mumble, “yeah, but the hallways can be the pits!”


Does it help that you are not alone? Two painted arrows on a road pointing towards a grassy mountain

We all pass through different http://saffronsafety.org/product-category/men/ seasons in our lives.  We often use the word “transition” to depict this change and all of its corresponding flavors and emotions, demands and moments of inertia.

Since I like quotes (you’ll catch many on the Facebook page) here is an old one that has spoken to me during transitions: “This is but a comma in the story of my life.” 

In my prior post, we talked about Storytelling – the power of our personal stories and how the narrative we bring to them  not only influences others, but greatly effects our own mood and initiative.

Here is another way to work with the power of your personal transition story.

  • Examine this season (transition) from different points of view by writing about it from 2-3 different points of view. For example, tell it as a story that personifies a hero’s story, tell it as a comedic story, pick someone you admire and have them tell your transition story, etc.


  • Next is the process of taking stock of one’s abilities using one’s sense-ability.  Look past traditional skills by not discounting what comes naturally for you, skills that you may take for granted, skills that you use in hobbies, noting special interests by what podcasts you listen to, magazines you read, etc.  This may also give rise to new activities and possibilities.  I joined my creative interests in ‘creative journaling’ with teaching pre-and-mid teens the Science of Happiness & Possibilities – something I would not have traditionally thought to do.


  • Exploring one’s story from different points of view and expanding on one’s abilities are both opportunities to increase mental flexibility and movement.

[Did you know traits like flexibility have become a huge field of study in the areas of positive psychology and emotional resilience/intelligence.  Why so much attention? It does sound simple enough.  People laugh when I say I’m in the business of changing my mind, but when someone wants you to change your mind, to do something different. Or your own internal conversation, I should, but I won’t, I could but I can’t….tiring…]


The beginning of a season (transition) provides the opportunity to get back to basics.  I wish for you that you are surrounded with support who invite and encourage mindful flexibility and compassionate challenges to boost your energy and mitigate the feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed.

In addition to all the work that goes into “a comma in the story of my life,”  I’d like to offer this final thought, “before rushing past this season, have you been able to take in and reap all the hidden gifts it has for you?”

All the best,

Beth Tunis