Four practices that create a well thought-out, inspired opportunity for creating something new: Authenticity, Response-ability, Appreciation, and Knowledge.

Coming into the new calendar year usually includes a list of goals and desires: I want more of this, less of that, this has got to go, this year I’m definitely going to …. You get the picture.

stock-illustration-2521485-start-now-keyboardBy taking a brief  buy brand dapoxetine mindfull  pause, to observe how these traits are included (or not) in the change process may make a huge difference in how change is delivered and  received, its tenacity and staying power.

can i buy Lyrica online Authenticity

People know it when they “feel” or “sense” it.  You know it when you own it.  A company delivering a message to its employees that is full of “it” is known by its people.  You can spread whatever message you want, but it won’t mean much and at the end of the day, often becomes part of a process that needs to be fixed.  Extra energy for no return.  Children know when their parents are inauthentic, we know when we tell ourselves, this is good enough, and it isn’t.

Can you tell the message differently? If you had permission to break social rules and norms, what would you say? If you are unsure or don’t trust your gut – try tuning into your body by noticing areas of tension.  Then take a guess at what information is being delivered to you.  We often get “hints” from our body before we can cognitively process the full information.


Sometimes things are, well, just as they are.  Taking response-ability, I messed up, I don’t like it, and now that I’ve acknowledged it, I can move on.  While the sting may sting, we often find a lifting, a lightness once we own it. Ironically, this is a sign of power – for you and those that follow you.


Appreciate your efforts.  Appreciate the efforts of those around you. There is research and evidence on the significance of compassion (a side note to appreciation) on happiness and success.


Make learning and staying informed a continuous discovery, continuously unfolding inspiration. This ignites a sense of safety and well-being, even in difficult circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Such ‘simple’ practices can change the process from veiled to transparent, from should’s to desires, from power struggles to creativity, lightness and freedom. From feeling like you are doing it all alone, to the power of community.   Things do not have to be complicated to be good, successful and appreciated.