What do you think of when you hear Self-Hypnosis?  ‘The Amazing Kreskin’ , Johnny Carson’s ‘Carnac the Magnificent,’ or maybe David Blaine.

As a student of psychology and motivational techniques, I was curious to read New York Times best-selling author, Eldon Taylor’s new book, “Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology.”  This book is a how to guide offering personal empowerment tools you can use anywhere. Hay House allowed me to receive this book so I can review it for you.

Personally, I am split between needing to see the research on mind & body techniques, and keeping an open mind for more avant garde (not yet provable) materials.  The amount of research the author provided was actually greater than expected.

Here are a few of my  ‘cliff notes’ regarding my reading of, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology:

1. One way to view this information is a ‘skills training’ workbook for anyone entering a change process.  We’re talking about our subconscious mind, “the house” that holds competing beliefs and comes armed with a defense system, no less!  No wonder it is difficult when contemplating a personal or professional transition.

On page ten,  the purpose of the book was clearly stated, “is to teach you about two techniques that you can use anywhere, and which deal with the problems from the core. ”  Briefly, ideas on ‘self-talk’ are developed which help you attain and are most useable when in a relaxed, alpha brain-wave state.

2. Double Wow on the Research provided.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have amazinggggg studies on mind influencing body.  For instance, it has been shown that people with multiple personality disorder can have their varying personalities influence their eye color and menstruation cycles – i.e. state of mind changes, one’s eye color and menstruation changed.  Madelaine Visintaines of the University of Pennsylvania discovered links relating the feeling of helplessness to cancer. Researchers at Duke University explored the correlation of hostility and mistrust to be key predictors of heart disease and early death.  I know, right, kind of scary stuff.   Surfice it to say, there is a lot of fascinating research in the book.

3. “Self-hypnosis is all about learning how to enter the alpha brain-wave state and how to use it to create the desired experience.”  Different choices are discussed, visualization is one of them, and probably the most familiar, particularly if you play sports.  It has been well-documented in upping your game.  Step-by-step instructions are given and scripts are provided.   An interesting note, is how Taylor teaches how to use visualization to separate out your emotion from the performance information.

4. FYI, a CD walking you through the process is provided along with the book.  Since I do have some different trainings on this subject, the CD wasn’t so necessary for me.

Here’s to engaging your curiosity and well-being as you explore change and stress management!