Okay, I was just watching a YouTube video from Angela Jia Kim from Savor the Success who offers sound bites and tips, how to’s – and this episode she spoke of staying on track with goals.  I get the feeling she is a pretty goal-oriented person and this may not be a big dilemma for her anyway, but her suggestion was to offer small rewards along the way.

It sounds simple but when I thought about it – it brought up this theme that keeps circulating around me, “being in the now.”   How often do I make a goal, hit a target (especially a small one) and barely notice it because there is a list staring at me of new goals needing to be accomplished.

What if I really, as in actually made it a practice to notice and acknowledge and savor the small rewards along the way?

Another brilliant four words on being productive and keeping on mission appeared in an article I was reading this week.  I’m going to share with you (because I think even reflecting on this statement during the day) can enhance productivity, and inspire a good mindset & energy.  Check Out Your URL The four words are: “SET STANDARDS NOT GOALS.”  I’m going to talk more about this on my free teleclass on Mondays  The call-in info is posted on podcasts page.

All for now, take care, Beth.