buy doxycycline online for chlamydia My interest always peaks when I see writings on the topic of “Resilience.”  So you can imagine my joy as I was off to listen to a panel of writers speak on the topic at the Woodstock Writers Weekend!

Understanding that the topic has merit and can offer some obvious and many essential points is expected. But what I most appreciate about the discussion on Resilience, is that it means humans being human.    Having a deeper understanding, seeing that some of us are more resilient than others, and that ‘the art of resilience’ is a learnable, malleable practice, makes it real, doable, authentic and a very human practice.  I appreciate the irony, that I’m about to write a list of ideas featured from the speakers just as I’m thinking, we are not a to-do list.  Here is my list of ideas anyway (from the 4.20.2012 Woodstock Writers Conference featuring Kris Carr, Priscilla Gilman, Jeff Golliher, Nan Satter, Ned Leavitt and Gail Straub.)

1. Accept Your Initial Pilgrimage.  Great stories start with the protagonist on a learning adventure.  Often there is dark before the dawn.  Own what is yours.  Sometimes there are and sometimes there aren’t teachable moments.

2. The Big Question, “What is the purpose in what you are doing.”  A strong conviction and desire will offset many bumps in the road.

3. Pay attention to what nourishes you.  Artists (we are all creative in some way in our life) create as a way to go towards wholeness.

4. Where do you get your energy/inspiration from?  Kris Carr and Priscilla Gilman (two writers on the panel) mentioned how their blog serves as an uplifting boost and energy provider for them, as well as their readers.

5. Create your own affirmation/koan/motivation statement.  Make this a bit of a challenge by only using 6 words.  Here’s mine: “Empowered. By More. Than I See. ”