I met so many wonderful people yesterday order cytotec no prescription working at Tory Johnson’s Women For Hire event in NYC.   With limits on time (rapid coaching style) we spoke about ambition, next steps and “what I’d really like to do is…” as we managed to fit these words into a resume that functions.

Tory’s morning opener, spoke about the same subjects we talk about here at aworkinglifecoach.  http://tuscanyhalls.com/://youtube.com/embed/GgwpVpLjSXs The power of your belief system and how it translates into your words and actions.  The Power of Your Perception.

Here is a synopsis of what she shared:


“When you truly think that ‘nobody’ will hire you, that perception dramatically impacts your effort and of course your results.  You must believe with every fiber of your being that there’s a perfect position with your name on it- and it’s your job to find it right now.  All you need is one. ”

Mood Management:

Exceptional Credentials, and a whole lot of anger!  Tory says, “nobody hires qualified and bitter.”  If you’re carrying the baggage of a layoff, leave it at the curb. It may bring you sympathy, but you won’t get help, which is essential to getting hired.

Tell People How To Help You:

I would emphasize this skill, having heard many amazing stories when people invited others to help them.  For instance the couple who wanted to sell their house and instead of saying it’s too hard in this economy they shared information with a neighbor who knew someone perfect.  And it was.  The conversation could have easily been, “boy have you seen all the houses for sale lately,” “yeah, I’m not sure what we are going to do.”

Tory spoke of demonstrating for your contacts, ways they can help you, such as: asking do you know anyone who works at these 5 companies, do you know anyone who works in this particular industry? The person will stop and pause and think about it, versus just saying, “no, I don’t know anyone hiring.”  Or, letting them know exactly the type of work you are looking for.

Stay engaged, create a supportive environment (which encompasses many areas of life) and use the resources available to you to help you flow through transitions and over obstacles.  Best wishes!