I  was in the process of being a good parent to my dreams, setting good boundaries, taking personal responsibility and action, and giving plenty of space to cultivate creativity.

Still I was needing some input from others and hit that crucial moment when I was going to disclose my ideas (my baby) to a select few.

I shared with One, who listened kindly and then said, “that’s interesting but is anyone focused in that direction now.  I don’t think people are ready for your business.”  I spoke with Two who said, “oh you can do that, but I think your plan is too limited, too small, this isn’t workable yet.”

After I re-nurtured my motivation (hey I need to do this on a daily basis) I had a big, spanking moment.  Reading it here just doesn’t do it justice – when my understanding moved out of my head and into my whole being. I knew then, I would always know this.   

I created an affirmation to capture the moment, “empowered by more than I can see.”  I realized that friend #1 didn’t have the experiences that I did and so was overwhelmed and could not fathom my ideas.  Colleague #2 had experiences outside of my Field and could envision more then I could.  I also knew that on so many levels, there is so much more than anyone one of us could see.  What if I tap into that.

I keep that quote by me all the time.  Whenever I feel nervous stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it, I focus on my “empowered by more than I can see.”

I would love to hear what quotes or affirmations sum up courage for you? – – –